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An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.

 — Niels Bohr


About | Our approach

2am Webworks is a Brisbane-based web design & development company. 2am Webworks was established in 2000 by Joel Finch, initially as a sole trader and growing to its current size.

We offer expertise and experience in all facets of website development including accessibility, design, information architecture, usability, eCommerce and Content Management Systems. We have additional experience in areas such as game design, user interface design, and application programming for mobile devices.

When developing a website, we believe:

It must be useful.

Knowing what to leave out is as important as knowing what to put in, and we believe that it's better to carefully select the right tools and information than to offer everything in the toolbox just because we can.

It must be usable.

If a site isn't clear and easy to use, then we're wasting our time creating it and your time using it. There's no point having the coolest-looking, most feature-packed, hardest-to-use website.

It must be practical.

A website is no good if it only works on a few browsers or if it takes an age to do the job. We apply web standards when building a site, and then we test the result on a range of modern browsers, to balance doing things the "right" way with making them work in the real world.

It must be cool.

We'd really rather not make ugly things. If it comes to a showdown, we'll take great personality over stunning good looks, but there's no rule that says a website can't be both usable and visually appealing.